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This review may contain spoilers.

That's one career all females have in common – whether we like it or not – being a woman. Sooner or later we've all got to work at it, no matter what other careers we've had or wanted... and, in the last analysis, nothing is any good unless you can look up just before dinner or turns around in bed – and there he is. Without that, you're not a woman. You're something with a French provincial office or a book full of clippings - but you're not a woman...slow curtain. The end.

monologues that make you go "hm..." – it mentions things on how gender / being a woman is performative, but it also says being a woman is reliant on one's ability to obtain a husband. idk how to feel about it entirely but know that miss davis was magnificent in this and honestly how she delivers her lines is one of the primary reasons i adore this movie and rewatch it so much

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