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  • Skyscraper



    You know you are in trouble with a film when a man hanging outside a building 200 floors above the ground doesn't get your heart pumping. It is hard to pinpoint what makes this disaster film such a disaster. I think it is just because there are no stakes, nothing visceral or real to hang onto. What we get instead are bland villains, a pointless MacGuffin (a flash drive for christ's sake), and a feeling of unreality.
    I feel bad…

  • Frankenstein



    Of the FRANKENSTEIN films THE BRIDE OF looms largest. When I thought of the character it was always with those images in mind. It wasn't until this evening when I realized that I had barely ever seen the original version. A shame as it is in many ways a much more powerful film, lacking the camp that comprised its sequel.
    It is a finely crafted film with an economy of storytelling that manages to communicate the story and our characters…

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    I love David Fincher's work. He has a distinct vision and style that is right up my alley. Some say it is pandering, playing up the obvious tropes; the dark, sickly lighting, the unpleasant look at the so-called normal life. But, man, I love it.
    I have noticed a trend in Fincher's work. A strong release followed by a lesser, but still solid, film. Seven>The Game, Fight Club>Panic Room, Zodiac>Benjamin Button, Social Network>Girl with Dragon Tattoo. Now we are up…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    I was really pleased to see all the great reviews coming in from everywhere about this film. A big Mad Max fan from way back, I was excited but a little nervous about how they would make this work. I have seen too many updates of my past go down in mediocrity. The previews were promising, but still carried the vibe that the movie was going to be amazing or an absolute failure.
    The movie is great! Miller has re-engineered…