Eternals ★★★½

It has happened all too often, where a film is so over-hyped that my anticipation gets the best of me and a great movie will feel like a letdown. with the ETERNALS I had the complete opposite reaction. During this time there were three lackluster previews that I had to endure, SHANG-CHI, SNAKE EYES and ETERNALS. Not one of them got me fired up to see the films and ETERNALS seemed the worst. Them the word of mouth started hitting with people actively disliking this film.
I had time to kill so I went to see it and to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact of the Marvel films I have seen this year, this was the one I liked the most. Some of that could have been the film rising above my apathetic response to the marketing, but honestly I think the film is pretty good, even with the flaws running throughout.
The film is a mess with too many characters to give screen time to and a mammoth timeline that one film couldn't hope to adequately cover, but the feel of the film is different from the others. There is a different rhythm and pacing that felt refreshing to me and it was a blast seeing Hayak and Jolie being added to universe.
I appreciated the grander concept and the stakes are so much more different than the final boss battle that so many of these films have done. While the larger themes are unable to really be explored the battle with god-like beings is certainly more novel than the petty aspirations of some of the villains we have encountered.
Issues do abound though. Most of the cast is underutilized and relegated to secondary status in their own movie. Tonally it varies with some performances being too weighty and others too light. The concept of the deviants is underdeveloped and they add little to the film other than opportunities for action beats.
I can see where people could complain about this, but i have seen much worse in the Marvel series. The fact that this feels unique is enough for me to cut through the sameness those films were starting to become overwhelmed by.

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