Gone Girl ★★★★★

I love David Fincher's work. He has a distinct vision and style that is right up my alley. Some say it is pandering, playing up the obvious tropes; the dark, sickly lighting, the unpleasant look at the so-called normal life. But, man, I love it.
I have noticed a trend in Fincher's work. A strong release followed by a lesser, but still solid, film. Seven>The Game, Fight Club>Panic Room, Zodiac>Benjamin Button, Social Network>Girl with Dragon Tattoo. Now we are up for a solid and it doesn't disappoint.
His pairing with author Gillian Flynn feels like his work with Chuck Palanchuk on Fight Club. Here is an artist who understands the tone that needs to be set. (God, I'm gushing, but I really enjoyed this movie). Needless to say, the story works, the pace is good, the performances are strong and the story is compelling.
1) Fincher's style. Cold and distancing, yet close enough to keep us watching. Like looking at an aquarium where someone has released a shark.
2) The opening and closing shot. Perfect.
1) The length. It felt a little long, not enough to bore me, but you feel it.

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