Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★½

Having heard a lot about this film, I was excited to finally see it. It has been in the conversation as a good quality B-movie, and with that cast (Atkins, Campbell, Smith, Roundtree and Z'Dar) how could it be anything less. Even the story, about a possible undead cop on a murderous rampage in New York, has all the earmarks of great trashy cinema.
The reality is somewhat less than than the potential. The film for the most part is lifeless and deathly dull. Instead of the potential carnage and absurdity of the premise, we get a lackluster procedural, and a lazy one at that. Atkins spends half the film running around following leads he shouldn't even be aware of. Campbell is put out of comission early and is never really allowed to get into the action. Even worse, the motivations of the titular cop are never really explored.
A movie doesn't have to make sense for me to enjoy it, but it isn't allowed to bore me.

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