Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

This is an adequate movie. Nothing more, nothing less. There are so many ways this might have been better and just as many that it could have been worse. The cumulative effect is just one of a shrug.
It would be easy to pick out its flaws, but I will only reflect on one. As a prequel it commits the sin of not saying something new about its titular character and as a result damages the legacy of what made Han Solo such a big deal. It tries to flesh him out by giving him conflict, but it so bland and by the books that it makes no effect whatsoever.
As a film, it is entertaining enough, but it is burdened by all the baggage of the franchise, where you can see them struggling mightily to play fan service to questions we never needed to know. I do not care how he got his name or got his blaster. The interesting things, like how he learned to be a pilot and how he served in the Imperial troops, are glossed over completely. If you are going to color in a character, be bold. I don't want to look at a stick figure.
Sadly with each passing film, the STAR WARS films are just becoming less and less special. It would be something if they could slow down the money making juggernaut and allow these films to capture our imaginations again.

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