Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★★★★

So I feel one of the few people who can fully relate to the experience Bo was going through. During the same time this was being shot I filmed a feature film during the pandemic entirely alone in my apartment with no one to help me. My film Sheep Theater was an emotional and cathartic experience something that took me through so much trauma, the fear of losing my wife, the fear of not surviving this fucking pandemic, the fear of losing my daughter (she passed during the pandemic), all balled up into one emotionally charged set of scenes. I made the film to cope and selfishly never wanted it to end, I remember bawling the night I finished it because what the fuck was I going to do now... I had no net. I had no purpose anymore. You can feel that same energy here. Bo is struggling... That is clear. This film was as much about entertaining as it was coping with the immense pain he was feeling. The struggle he feels as he sets up the mountains upon mountains of gear, the struggle to be funny when its just not easy to be funny, the struggle to say something meaningful are all very relatable struggles. He says everything he possibly can. The film has an unresolved ending where the doom seems forever. Some might decry that idea, but I think for so many that is a relatable pain... A pain that never fucking ends. Its beautiful to watch him play through the pain.