Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

DNF (Also please read the comment that I put out for this review before proceeding to the rest of it)

Ah so this is what happens when you let the College Campus Gender Studies group make a slasher flick...

Also I'm pretty sure this is the type of movie that gets people to say "Go Woke, Go Broke", never really understood that saying until now. And I don't think it's because of an Alt-Right following trying to say that what you're doing is garbage...I now feel as though it's what people say when they can obviously see through your film as nothing but a "message" that's being labeled as a "movie", now I get it if the whole message was "rape is bad, those who do it are bad and deserve to face punishment", but when the message is literally "ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS AND ABSOLUTE PIGS, WOMEN ABSOLUTELY SLAYYYYYY AND RUN THIS ENTIRE WORLD" then I'm pretty sure the chances of very little people caring about this film are raised astronomically.

Honestly this movie fits into the crowd/cesspool of there's that.

Most certainly not recommended, easily the worst film I have seen to come out of the wonderful year that was 2019.

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