Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★½

Welp this was the wrong film to end the year on...but hopefully we can leave the bad in 2021 and have nothing but the good in 2022.

Half a star for Leo's performance. And a full star for Jonah Hill cause he was legit the best thing about this film by far. The whole experience of this whole film is just a ton of eyerolls throughout the entire thing, this film along with every actor in Hollywood that was involved with this is going to be in the circle-jerk of discussion at the Awards Ceremonies to come, and their whole self-important attitudes towards the making of this film and how "relevant" it just going to add to the irony of it all. And I'm glad multiple people that I've seen review this film see this in the same light that I do, which kind of makes this film fail at its attempt to make any viewer have a big takeaway from it. This movie was directed by Adam McKay and stars Leonardo DiCaprio,Jennifer Lawrence,Rob Morgan,Meryl Streep,Jonah Hill,Cate Blanchett,Mark Rylance,Tyler Perry,Timothée Chalamet,Himesh Patel, Melanie Linskey,Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi in this film that just made me wish there was an actual meteor headed towards us right now. Looking at this review so far...I do see that I'm being too harsh, but whenever you get the chance to make a film and actually get to express your feelings towards current events through an art form...don't make EVERYTHING seem like a mouthpiece for your opinions, characters don't end up being characters...they just become human equivalents of a rant (which then ruins any development or connection with the character). While the cast is pretty great when looking at it, they're often wasted with very minimal screentime or depth when it comes to characters, they just feel like SNL parodies of political figures or people you happen to come across on Twitter. Comedy didn't always work for me in this film, but when it did work it was actually pretty solid and gave me some good laughs. Editing was a bit frustrating, reminded me a lot of Lucy (2014) and while I'm always picky with the editing in film I did notice that this films style bothered others aswell. The exaggerated & more wacky direction that was chosen for this film didn't work for me sadly...I mean it could've worked, it's just the script didn't do any of its ideas justice. I can say with positivity that a film like this DEFINITELY could've worked, it's just that the execution and overall final product was so poor that you'd have a hard time really thinking about how it all went wrong. So yeah, not my cup of tea and easily one of the worst things I've seen come from Netflix in awhile (I'm sure the Oscars are going to love this film) and I just can't bring myself to recommend it.

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