Klaus ★★★★½

With it now being the 1st of December...I finally sat down to watch this film that has been praised since it's release...I decided to watch this in December cause I like watching Christmas movies in December and December only. Halfway through watching this I noticed it was snowing outside my house...I don't usually get snow where I live so that was a surprise,this really has nothing to do with the film so I'm gonna get on with the review...now. This film is directed by Sergio Pablos (this is also his directorial debut) and stars Jason Schwartzman,J.K. Simmons,Rashida Jones,Joan Cusack,Norm MacDonald and Will Sasso in this film that I think captures the spirit and whole purpose of Christmas perfectly. Before I mention anything else...the 2D animation is just absolutely stunning and the film just looks fantastic whether it's the town of Smeerensburg (during the last act) or just the look of the snow or scenery outside...it all looks beautiful. One way to explain this film is saying that it feels like one big warm hug...cause that's really how it feels during this,this has to be one of...if not THE most heartwarming film this year has had to offer so far. With all of the great super serious films to come out this year it's always nice to lay back every once in awhile and enjoy something super sweet and heartwarming. The character of Jesper (Jason Schwartzman) had quite the character arc in this film and I really loved his journey throughout this film...I mean he's basically a differant person at the end of this compared to who he was in the beginning. J.K. Simmons absolutely rocked as Klaus and there was a lot more to his character that was explored then I expected. One of the things I really liked about this is how it's right in the middle for it's overall audience...it's not to childish so it's easy for adults to get invested...and it's not too super serious and adult-like so children can easily latch on to this...we don't get many animated films like this. Couple flaws I have with this are things such as it being cliché and maybe some song choices were a bit odd...but that's pretty much all I can think of when it comes to flaws. A phenomenal film this really is and I can see myself easily coming back to revisit this each holiday season...it's that good,so with that being said...I highly recommend this.

Also that last line got my emotions running in so many differant directions.

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