The Circus

The Circus ★★★★

Not as good as the last two Charlie Chaplin films I've watched but this one kinda stands out mostly because I think it's a unpredictable movie and I thought I had the ending right in my head but the film went in a whole different direction. This film is directed by Charlie Chaplin and stars Charlie Chaplin,Merna Kennedy,Al Ernest Garcia and Harry Crocker in this movie that actually is funnier then The Gold Rush in my opinion but nowhere near as interesting or as good as it was. Once again Charlie Chaplin plays The Tramp and in this movie he's a bit more smart then the last ones I've seen his character in and he feels more real to me for some reason. The pacing and runtime was great and it's a really nice and short movie that is quite unique. The movie isn't as dark as some of the other Chaplin films until I saw that this had a ending that I didn't expect and while I was happy with it I just got sad and I started to feel so many unhappy emotions and that's not a flaw that I'm talking was more of a positive. There are many sequences in this where I laughed my ass off and I was really surprised with the comedy in this one. All performances were great and every cast member seemed to be doing there best. Now just because this isn't my favorite Chaplin film doesn't mean I don't like it...there are elements and things in here that are done better then how they were done in City Lights or The Gold Rush....and I still like those two movies more but this was still great.

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