The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★½

Well atleast it wasn't as bad as Artemis Fowl, in fact...I'd say that this is a pretty solid film...until you think about the many other movies that are kind of similar but done and executed in a much superior way. Also I do remember reading the book of this story way back in the 7th grade so that's neat...and while this film is based on a true story it's definitely adapting the direction that the book went into by going with the animal's perspective. This movie is directed by Thea Sharrock and stars Sam Rockwell,Bryan Cranston,Brooklynn Prince,Angelina Jolie,Danny DeVito,Ariana Greenblatt,Ramón Rodriguez,Mike White,Helen Mirren and Chaka Khan in this film that is overall seems a bit silly to criticize this film but I do have a few nitpicks with it, but still...the film is absolutely harmless. So going in, I was mostly worried about the CGI on the animals, whenever that kind of stuff is unconvincing...then the whole film tends to fall apart. Thankfully the CGI was actually pretty damn good, it certainly was no Dolittle thankfully. Sam Rockwell did an impressive job when it came to voicing Ivan, while we know he can do better roles I think he did a good job with what he was given. The others animals were ok, they had their part. Ruby the Elephant was a pretty fun character to watch. I think my favorite part of this film was easily Bryan Cranston's character, again...he can do better then this role/film, but he still knocked it out of the park with his performance. And I do feel as though his character was the most explored by far. The overall writing was a bit cliche (the writing as a whole was the weakest part of this film). The pacing to this film was a bit all over the place, with a short runtime...this film somehow managed to feel much more longer then it was. This is a sweet film though, I am obviously not apart of the target audience for this film. And I understand that, going into it I was set on judging it by how it compares to other films that are similar, and sadly that's where everything falls a bit short for me. But's a harmless film that's a good watch for anyone who is young enough to be considered the target demographic for this film. Somewhat (kind of, but not really) recommended.

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