Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion ★★★★½

There is without a doubt that friends is one of the best sitcoms ever made. The story about 6 friends living in New York not only had so much humor and great writing, but so much heart and love for the character and the fans who watched it. While ending in 2004, the show continues to air reruns on many cable channels but also streaming on different platforms. With constant reruns and audiences in the millions when it first came out, you can say any of the 6 never have to work again due to the constant syndication cash. However, fans have been requesting a reunion special for years and it seem to never happen. Until now.

The friends reunion reunites the main cast with themselves and the fans. We saw them talk about the good old days, recite old lines, play games, even got some questions answered about the show. But it wasn’t just our leads, other cast members and guest stars from the show appeared like Tom Selleck, Reese Witherspoon and even the actor who played Gunther via webcam. We also got some info about the show from the creators, something that’s usually expected in specials like this. But what really was amazing was how people from around the globe had friends play a part in their lives. That alone shows that friends left a mark on the world so big and so joyful nothing will ever ruin it.

I wanted to give this special 5 stars, I really did. But one thing took me out of it for a small portion: the unnecessary celebrity additions. Some I give a pass on because they were only discussing how great the show was like Kit Harrington, David Beckham, Mindy Kailing and a few others. But some celebrity’s I argue didn’t need to be there at all. James Corden didn’t need to host the show (should have been Conan), Lady Gaga didn’t have to show off while Lisa Kudrow sang the classic smelly cat song and there didn’t need to be a fashion show with Justin Bieber wearing the potato suit (somehow not the most degrading thing he has ever done). It’s not the worst part of the special in fact the additional celebrities were contained and kept the focus primarily on our main 6. But again, it was unnecessary. The Fresh Prince reunion stayed consistent with just our cast, but maybe things were different due to COVID.

All in all, this is a perfect special to reconnect with everyone after 17 years. It really felt like visiting old friends after so much time has past. This special really did feel like the one where they all got back together.

Fun fact I didn’t know about: Lisa Kudrow playing the twin sister Ursula was a character from another show. So it was a crossover that I never knew about until today.

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