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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched it 8 times now and the same amount of times at the movies and at home too (4,) and while I'm still nowhere near through with it, I'd like to use this entry to nit some picks I could have with it if I were so inclined. So for my "Hateful Eight" viewing shall I call it, here are some issues I have with a film I otherwise adore.

1. Very unnecessary use of narration by Kurt Russell. Used ever so briefly as a Ron Howard/Arrested Development like gag in the beginning, before coming back full tilt and boogie towards the end after being absent otherwise. Really dumb of Tarantino here. If your gonna have someone narrate the film have them do it throughout. Sprinkling it in is a rather silly way to use such a gimmick.

2. Julia Butters as the very precocious method child actor co-star of Rick Dalton. May seem very mean and bully-like to pick on the one kid star in the whole thing. And while I genuinely believe she is a real find and I hope she goes places, in a film where I was willing to accept that not only practically everyone was from 1969 but that I was also in 69 too, she was the only one who felt like a person from today inserted into this period. That would be great if the film was set now. But it wasn't, and if it weren't for DiCaprio crying in front of her I'd actually want to skip her scene.

3. Because the "story" didn't allow for it it's a shame Pitt and DiCaprio actually don't get enough screentime together. There in it a heck of a lot, just not with each other, and that's a bit of a bummer.

4. I have a love/hate reaction to the ridiculous end. Depending on my mood I either find it one of the funniest things ever or an extremely stupid way to end what was otherwise a nice, lowkey, hangout flick. I also don't think it goes far enough either. If you're going to rewrite history again Quinten then why not go all the way? Why not have Sharon Tate get involved in the action? Why not have Rick, Cliff, and Sharon drive on up to Spahn Movie Ranch and take out all the Manson followers as well as Charles himself? If you could have the Inglourious Basterds slaughter Hitler and his whole Nazi regime then why not do the same here?

And that's all I can really think of that I could take umbrage with. I love this film so much and it only keeps on growing with each day. It's wonderful, just wonderful that I have a new film that I have this much adoration for, and I can't wait to watch it again.

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