Ronin ★★★★½

I think that this is the only movie that I watched twice at the cinema; I liked it so much that I returned to watch it again the next day.

Production seemed a little rough/economical in parts: when Vincent reverses the Mercedes out of the parking space at speed, the tire smoke is distractingly fake; dust from the camera car is quite apparent in the dirt-road sections of the car chase scenes.

That aside, it is a thoroughly enjoyable ride. The car chases are nothing short of spectacular - really gripping stuff.
The wrong-way-through-a-Parisian-tunnel scene is absolutely gripping, and also meant that the film's launch had to be delayed, as it uncannily coincided with the Princess Diana incident.
I love their choice of getaway car; An Audi S8 with an after-market nitrous kit and bigger injectors in full four-wheeled powerslides on narrow, cobbled lanes - absolutely superb!

The big-name cast members work really well together. Reno is as cool as ever; De Niro is solid; Bean's paper-thin facade of bravado is pulled off really well.

I'll say it again - a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

As an aside, I happened to watch this again on DVD with a group of friends a few years later - on a large projector with a solid 5.1 home theatre system. One of the many crashes/explosions sounded/felt just a little too real, and we looked out the window to discover that one of my friends' cars - parked on the street outside - had been rear-ended by a drunk who failed to navigate a corner and came to rest in a neighbour's front yard.