The Adventures of Tintin ★★★★★

I watched the trailer and was somewhat sceptical. I had this nagging suspicion that it would be sitting at the bottom of The Uncanny Valley, a la Polar Express.

Thankfully, my suspicions were entirely unfounded. The production of this film carefully captured the illustration style of the comic books and blended it most convincingly with that real-human feel. I think it was something to do with the rendering of the eyes, but it never felt uncanny to me.

I watched it with my father-in-law and my seven-year-old son. All of us had read some of the original books, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Some really intense action sequences, some good humour, a great plot, and great cinematography - I particularly enjoyed some of the surreal cuts between scenes and flashbacks.

Really well executed - looking forward to the next one(s)!