Parasite ★★★★★

it’s so metaphorical!

hilarious and tense, but so fucking poignant. the new home invasion is so timely. knowing this movie is wrought with a spoiler-esque narrative, i couldn’t help but let my mind wander into possible corners the movie might be heading and i still couldn’t have told you what was coming for a million dollars. beautiful writing. beautiful script. i am so thankful we have bong joon-ho telling stories in our lifetime. incredible acting from everyone, but man i love song kang-ho in everything i see him in. i’m to the point that his name on the bill gets me wayy more excited for the movie.

the tension was great this first go around, but i imagine it’ll be a much sadder watch next time and bring a whole new level of appreciation for it.

the hype is real. no hyperbole- this truly is a new masterpiece.

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