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  • The Drone

    The Drone


    This is one of the worst movies to have been on Shudder, which is saying a lot when you consider the amount of Rob Zombie movies they’ve had.

  • Kilroy



    This movie was so bad it made me remember my forgotten Letterboxd account. I needed to log it to make sure I never watch it again.

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  • Bagman



    Since no one else has rated or reviewed this I feel I should to hopefully stop anyone else from wasting almost two hours. If you gave a remedial 7th grade English class an assignment to write a script for Deadpool, then gave that script to a remedial 8th grade English class and told them to turn it into a slasher movie you'd wind up with a script similar to this movie, but probably better.

  • The Ghoul Log: Trick 'r Treat Sam O'Lantern

    The Ghoul Log: Trick 'r Treat Sam O'Lantern


    This year they really pull out all the stops with a star studded cast unlike any Ghoul Log film has seen before. If you're a fan of Ghoul Log and a fan of Trick 'r Treat this is a must watch!