Carol ★★★★½

There's something about Carol that just works.

Director Todd Haynes once again proves that he knows how to make a cinematic and beautiful film. Carol is a wonderful love story, a beautiful tale of two women finding each other and struggling to stay together in a society that won't accept them. What's wonderful about the this story is that it's topical but not preachy, it's focus is not on the issue but on the people and by doing that it focuses on the issues at hand.

There's not an element of this film that fails, from a beautiful and touching score by Carter Burwell, to a gorgeous shot selection Edward Lachman and an outstanding production design by Judy Becker. This film transports you back in time.

Of course a film likes this needs you to like the the pair of people falling in love and Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett are a perfect match. They portray every step of a relationship with grace and honesty. I didn't want to leave the world of this film; when it was over, I just wanted to watch it again. If either or both of these ladies walked away with an Oscar I'd be crazy happy. I do want to take a moment to give props to Kyle Chandler, his role would be so easy to make a jerk, a villain, but instead you understand where he's coming from; even though you are rooting for Mara and Blanchett's characters you end up feeling bad for Chandler as well.

This is a beautiful film and a journey that should be taken.

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