Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Kong: Skull Island suffers from a lack of.... focus, direction, a sense purpose, a need to be a coherent, and a constant need to be every genre of film at the same time.

While the film is visually interesting at times, it can't overcome the compete nonsense that it calls a script. There is some of the worst dialogue of the year in this film; not even the film talented cast could save it.

It think the biggest tragedy is that Kong feels like a mish-mosh of several different films: John C Riley is in a Tropic Thunder like action comedy, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are in the middle of a 90s action flick in the vanes of The Mummy, and Samuel L Jackson is remaking Apocalypse Now... but sadly none of them are in a King Kong movie.

While director Jordan Vogt-Roberts can stage a shot he can't figure out tone to save his life, which hamper this film more then anything else. It works at time and fails miserably at others. If you were a person who watched the 2014 Godzilla (a film that is set in the same universe as this) and thought there was not enough of the monster, then I guess Kong is for you, but honestly less (of everything) in this film would have been more.

Also... I someone could cast Tom Hiddleston as an Indiana Jones type adventurer I'd be the first in line to see it. Also more of Brie Larson and... you know what the cast wasn't the problem, they ALL in fact saved this film.