I Love You, Beth Cooper ★★

I once made a friend just by reading this book in public. It’s a great book. Unfortunately, it’s avery mediocre film. Chris Columbus has such a heavy hand in everything he works on, and here it was just too much. What would have worked as a manic teen comedy unfortunately becomes a very bad John Hughes imitation film crossed with an extremely long episode of Scrubs.

Maybe it’s not just the directors fault either though. Larry Doyle tried to sell this as a movie and no one wanted it. Instead he wrote it as a book, it became popular, and the movie ensued based on that. Perhaps though the reason no one wanted it to be a film in the first place was that the structure works so much better in the prose format.

If you see this, you won’t be completely wasting your time. There’s some funny stuff, and interesting acting choices. Truthfully though, just read the book.

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