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  • Making of Himizu
  • The Batman
  • I Am Searching For Myself
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  • The Gods Have a Nervous Breakdown


  • Le cavalier bleu


  • The Midnight Maiden War


  • Wife Collector


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  • Making of Himizu

    Making of Himizu


    "I had wanted to be in a Sono film, so I was extremely happy when I received the offer for this main role. I enjoyed every part of it with my feet on the ground. I'm very happy that I could spend such a great time with Sono. Thank you." - Shota Sometani

    "I'm really glad that I could get involved in this film. I feel trully happy from the bottom of my heart. The fact that I was able…

  • Making of Antiporno

    Making of Antiporno


    "I have my dream to go to Hollywood with Sion Sono so I must study english hard." - Ami Tomite

Popular reviews

  • Make the Last Wish

    Make the Last Wish


    Before Mondo Grosso's song "Labyrinth" became a huge hit on youtube, Hikari Mitsushima was singing Avril Lavigne songs 10 years ago in this movie written and directed by Sion Sono.

    This movie is based on the american manga "Make 5 Wishes", which follows lonely teenage girl Hana who uses her Avril Lavigne obsession to escape from her current life. In the manga, Avril plays her conscience and her imaginary friend. Things change as soon as Hana orders a demon-like creature…

  • Reflect On That Boys

    Reflect On That Boys


    Movie | subs
    Sion Sono's only JAV and my first one as well, so I can't really compare it to anything else in the genre. This movie is around 50% of dialogue and 50% of sex. The dialogue scenes are actually the best parts as we get to meet Reimi and Komachi, what they search for in a man and their opposite views (fuck vs love). The girls are cute and funny and I actually cared about what they had…