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  • Drowning Love

    Drowning Love


    Strangely cute teen romance. One of those atmosphere > plot movies.

    The story progresses at such a confusing pace it left me thinking that a 3 or 4-hour cut was needed to adapt the manga, which I had never heard of. Either way, I honestly think that the flaws in the script gave this movie an interesting feeling as I went along with the "huh?" moments and saw it as a way to describe Natsume's feelings of confusion on moving from…

  • Inside Ghibli's Creation: 400 Days of Clash Between Hayao Miyazaki and The New Director

    Inside Ghibli's Creation: 400 Days of Clash Between Hayao Miyazaki and The New Director


    Maro's brutally honest face of "I have no idea what I'm doing" is so funny. I liked how this documentary focused not only of the creation of "The Secret World of Arrietty", but also on the employees' behaviour within Studio Ghibli. It got quite emotional when Miyazaki himself shed a tear after watching the movie for the first time. Glad this man was able to become a director and went on to create his own studio later with his talent and hard work.

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  • Make the Last Wish

    Make the Last Wish


    Before Mondo Grosso's song "Labyrinth" became a huge hit on youtube, Hikari Mitsushima was singing Avril Lavigne's songs 10 years ago in this movie written and directed by Sion Sono.

    This movie is loosely based on the american manga "Make 5 Wishes", which follows the lonely teenage girl Hana who is obsessed with Avril Lavigne as a way to escape from her current life. In the manga, Avril plays as her conscience and as her imaginary friend. Things change as…

  • It Comes

    It Comes


    A new Tetsuya Nakashima movie is always a big fucking event and this was obviously another very unique take on the j-horror genre. Has a pretty slow but necessary start, and once it gets good, oh man.. I just love when a movie makes me feel this much. Had no idea what was going to happen next and my head was spinning all the time.

    This director has been one of my favorites ever since I got into japanese cinema and the only sad thing now is that we will have to wait a few years again for his next movie. :(