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This review may contain spoilers.

Avengers: Infinity War is a loud, non-stop barrage of stimuli thrown methodically at its audience. While its scope and willingess to dive in tragedy do make it stand on its feet proudly, it also features an overstuffed screenplay and a lack of cohesiveness.

Sure, this is what it all comes down to. After all the years and movies establishing the MCU, Infinity War goes full throttle and the payoff ultimately feels good. The stakes are higher than ever, and the movie manages to have way too many lead characters for it to work as good as it does. This is part of the problem, as so many heroes coming from different series with their own perspectives means that Infinity War does not have its own colours. Instead, it feels like a bunch of shorter chapters mashed up together from the frachises it was born of. While this shouldn't be unexpected, this ends up giving a shallow and unfocused feel to the film. Sure, most of what is presented feels crucial to the story. However, it also feels like a lot of what is presented is simply thrown in for exoosition's sake. Did we really need to see Thanos gather all of the stones? Maybe. Did we need to follow Thor, Groot and Rocket through space to see them forge a new weapon? Maybe. Did we really need to follow Tony and company in space running to Thanos? Maybe. All of the story beats mentioned here feel at home, but greatly detract from the heart of the story.

The insane amount of exposition does end up hurting this monster of a film. It is still a fun ride full of great characters, excitement and fan service. It also feels suitably epic for its huge place within the MCU. Infinity War does swing for the fences, resulting in a sense of scale rarely seen in movies. This focus on delivering a tale that brings all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together deserves to be praised for its efforts, even if it ends up forgetting that its should have its own colours instead ultimately feeling like a scrapbook made up of its lineage's personnalities.

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