Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

i miss the chapters and non linear storyline so uniquely tarantino. there’s something so sweet and breathtaking about the totally immersive old hollywood set and the story of fading fame and lasting friendship. the cinematography is so cool, fun and beautiful, especially for the scenes between cliff and bruce and the filming of rick’s pilot! leo and brad were really amazing and the bits of hollywood history sprinkled throughout the film was so endearing. the last act was perfectly tense yet somehow comical, a great mix of the over the top violence of inglourious basterds and comedy of pulp fiction. this movie was everything that’s great about a tarantino film. and, if he’s to be believed, the lingering shots of rolled down windows, relaxed gazes and repeated songs on radios, the little moments that went by stretched longer because you’re coming to an end, are even more endearing.

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