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  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks


    I decided on a whim to put on the pilot and within minutes was hooked and knew I’d rewatch the entire series. For certain people this series has a magical pull, and I’ll try to describe some of the magical ingredients that make this such a classic work of art.

    It has raw emotion, knowing satire, horror and humor that switch places in elegant story arcs. It has the well known catch phrases and iconography and also a thousand little…

  • Nightcrawler



    An epic study of sociopathy that reminds me of Medium Cool, Faces of Death, American Psycho, and Cannibal Holocaust all at once, Nightcrawler is an exhausting but enjoyable slide into the abyss.

    There are many films about the Spectacle, but NC distinguishes itself by focusing on the production side of the media psyop through the avatar of Lou Bloom. He’s a down on his luck cringe-bag stealing scrap metal for cash when we meet him. He’s also a huge bullshitter…

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  • Men Behind the Sun

    Men Behind the Sun


    More EXTREME than Cannibal Holocaust! Sensationalism aside, this is a great film about squad 731, who planned biological and chemical weapons attacks.

    This film has a similar tone as Downfall; these are not the actions of a secure, powerful empire, but are actually pretty desperate attempts to win the war at all costs. The brutality of the experiments and the use of the youth corps, who despite the suffering and loss they’ve endured, are not ready to be a part…