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  • Great Freedom
  • The Strong Ones
  • Operation Hyacinth
  • Twilight's Kiss

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  • Matador


  • Holy Motors


  • I Know Where I'm Going!


  • My Fake Boyfriend


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  • Total Eclipse

    Total Eclipse


    A bad combination of a deeply cynical script and loose reins on young actors. It’s the rare film that dislikes its characters this much. It certainly has no interest in their art, or poets in general. Every moment of drama Is spoiled but overacting, usually by DiCaprio.

  • Interior. Leather Bar.

    Interior. Leather Bar.

    Lackluster vanity project that has all the depth and insight of a college freshman at Thanksgiving dinner.

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  • Matador



    Almodóvar does De Palma. Style in spades (shoulder pads AND buffalo check, hello!) and fewer distractions only partially overcome a dragging plot and boring leads.


  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors


    Such a movie-movie. With a high concept and an abundance of ideas, the film contains multitudes. It occasionally gets lost up its own ass, but never fatally so. Denis Lavant brings it.

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