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  • Mission: Impossible III

    Mission: Impossible III


    It's a good end to the Ethan Hunt saga in such a way that he gets a happy ending. However, I love the next two movies in the franchise so I don't mind the reboot.

  • The Discovery

    The Discovery


    I'm so confused. What just happened?

    The plot was interesting - finding out what's on the afterlife? Sounds good! However, the entire movie just sinks in a dreary hole brought mostly by the color tones and music used to convey that eerie factor that never really came into fruition. I don't mind movies that have surprise endings; it's one of the reasons why I loved 'The One I Love' but this was just confusing in a bad way.

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  • Heathers



    80's Winona Ryder is the best.

  • Pixels



    Is it possible for an Adam Sandler pick to be quite un-Sandler? The movie's not good, but it's not a crash-and-burn kind of flick.