Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★½

: 74%

From a social criticism of the way we view our species as a set of idiotic prejudices, Don't Look Up is a dark satire on what would happen if a meteor crashed today. The truth is if it is very sad how we would receive it because nobody cares.

Mostly they focus as always on the reaction of the media, the people and the president of the United States herself, Leonardo dicaprio has always been my number 1, but this time I must say that it looks false. His performance seemed more like a caricature about his narcissism and his way of being handsome, the protagonist, When the protagonist is Jennifer Lawrence who I owe what after several years judging her way of being. She left me speechless, a simple but empathetic character.

I think most Americans hate this movie by the way they critic their government and at the same time critici heir lifestyle, because they are very similar to all the characters. something that is very evident that noticed with the movies where Timothée chalamet appears, is that he likes older women.

I like this movie that wanted to watch it again today.

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