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  • Casa De Mi Padre

    Casa De Mi Padre


    This is an interesting movie. It was funny, but subtle (at least for a WIll Ferrell movie). Most of the actors played their characters straight and allowed the absurdity of the production be the source of humor. It is not a movie for everyone, but if you know what you're getting going in and are still interested, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • 21 Jump Street

    21 Jump Street


    This was a huge surprise. I had my misgivings about this since the beginning but I am happy to say that it is truly funny. Walking a fine line between self-refrencial and uniquely it's own. Channing Tatum delivers his best performance yet and Jonah Hill it starting to step out of his usual schtick. It's a solid comedy with some great surprises.

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  • Glory



    What an underrated movie. I'm always shocked when I read a list of the best war movies of all time and find this near the back half. Once you get past Ferris Bueller with a goatee, this movie is awesome! Poignant, harrowing, exciting, and meaningful, with breath-taking cinematography and a heart-racing score. And the performances. How can you deny a movie that has both Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. All I can say is if you haven't seen this movie, go get the Blu-Ray immediately and watch it, and if you haven't seen it in years, watch it again.

  • Haywire



    This film might not garner any Oscar nods or year end best of lists, but for pure ass kicking enjoyment, it's a definite pleaser. The beautiful Gina Carano excels in the physical aspects of the movie, even though some acting classes wouldn't help. But you don't watch this movie for the acting or the character arcs, you watch it for the action. In that sense it delivers. Soderbergh shoots and edits this movie with cat-like agility and makes the wise…