Battleship ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

So everyone keeps asking me why I hated Battleship (I'd call it Battleshit) so much. So here goes (Contains Spoilers). It was a hotchpotch of a number of ideas and did not deliver on any of them. A wannabe crossover of an alien invasion/war/transformers movie. The plot from the offset is wrong scientifically. What took seven year should actually take over 20 years (Trust me I asked Sheldon Copper !!). But you can forgive that I suppose but there on in the whole story is just there for the sake of the explosions and FX. The Leading man Taylor Kitsch is poor he maybe eye candy for the ladies and some guys but that's about it. He does not carry the film well. I found his acting mono toned and dull. As for Rihanna her first role should be her last with grating one liners all throughout the movie and having a super cap that seems to be glued to her head no matter what explosions and falls she takes here's a link to all her lines in the movie and you can hopefully see where i'm coming from . I understand a movie trying to be patriotic I enjoyed movies like Independence Day but with this movie it was done in a really silly way. When a bunch of Veterans aged (50-70) team up with the few survivors and use a decommissioned Old Battleship now a tourist attraction to defeat the aliens and their high tech equipment. When the aliens already took out a few modern day Battleships is beyond laughable. As for Liam Nesson he was probably in the movie for a total of 5-6 mins so anyone going thinking he has a big part to play he doesn't. Overall one of the worst movies i've ever seen avoid at all cost

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