Jason X

Jason X ★★½

I used to hate this movie, but it has grown on me over re-watches. Jason in space? No thanks. He's a campgrounds lake-side slasher. But after re-watching Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell this entry feels like a huge relief. It's fun, there are a ton of kills, and it's doing something different while not completely forgetting its roots (like part 9 did). It also jumps us four and a half centuries into the future and pretty much kills any chances of continuity in a world we recognize - and indeed, 20 years later, this Jason is still never to be seen again. Uber-Jason is a cooler idea in concept than in execution. Still, I almost like this movie. It's watchable. Much like part 5, it is a film in the franchise that I have learned to appreciate more over time. I prefer Jason slaughtering teens at Camp Crystal Lake, but I don't hate this movie by any means.

5/10 (Decent)

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