Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown ★★★★½

Kate Winslet is a goat.  Like seriously.  The best of her generation (actresses born in the 70s) and it’s not even very close (sorry, Amy Adams).  Mare is a great character and Winslet absolutely murders this role.  I will be shocked if she doesn’t win an Emmy.  Good luck topping this, fellow actresses.  Jean Smart also amazing.  I also liked seeing Evan Peters do something more grounded and really enjoyed him in his role (that drunk scene; also “have a good night, mare.  Good? Night?  Mare?  Good nightmare?”). I love a good murder mystery and I was entertained and intrigued throughout this whole limited series.  You know the narrative is going to keep twisting and turning, but I had confidence the writers would keep things unpredictable and find a way to make it not seem outlandish.  I think they nailed it.  Episode 5 felt like a finale but the actual finale was pitch perfect.  I loved this show.

9/10 (Amarezing)

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