Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

I haven't seen Mulholland Drive since 2001 when I pretended like I understood why it was great. Actually, my taste was pretty refined when I was 19, so maybe I did get the hoopla surrounding this movie back then. I probably shouldn't have waited twenty years to give it a re-watch because this was basically like a first time viewing for me and whatever layers and deep meanings I uncovered two decades ago were long forgotten. The only thing I remembered about Mulholland Drive was **SHOCK** the two lead actresses having a sultry sex scene together.

David Lynch is a freak. A genius, sure, but definitely a weirdo. I won't pretend like I was able to fully follow the narrative while watching this again, but I was definitely enthralled and there's a certain strange beauty to the whole thing that is undeniable. Naomi Watts gives a great performance that I'm somewhat shocked wasn't nominated for an Oscar. I mean... that scene where she's auditioning for a T.V. role or whatever. Wow.

I read up a bit on this after re-watching and I found something that really helped me understand the narrative structure. It's completely non-linear and most of it isn't even based in reality. I think another re-watch would make an already great film even better. Here's to hoping I don't wait another two decades to do that.

8/10 (Great)

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