Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins ★★

Imagine making a movie with almost all Asian actors and setting it almost entirely in Japan and then having all your characters speak English 98% of the movie.  I know this is aimed at kids - mostly teens - but that still seems ultra weak to me.  Lazy.  Insulting even.  You think Marvel will do the same thing with Shang-Chi?  Yeah right.

Speaking of the teenagers this movie is supposed to be for, my niece fell asleep during this and I can’t really blame her.  I also wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking this was bad, but I’ll say it was on the border of being passably entertaining.  I was never a big G.I. Joe guy so any fan service stuff is over my head - including the reveal at the end.  

Samara Weaving has charisma and pops when she’s on screen.  She’s one to watch.

4/10 (Forgettable)

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