I Killed My Mother ★★★★★

This is beyond my favorite movie, I loved this movie since the beggining to the very end.

I can relate so much with this, I even had the same reactions in some situations. I am the same age, I feel the same, the only thing it's that my parents are not divorced and I don't really like to scream (sometimes I feel like doing it so much but yea I keep it all inside), but the rest, school grades, attitude, ideas, thoughts, "talents", everything, it's amazing like wow.

The only thing I can point at it it's the end, but otherwise it's amazing.

I was just like studying for some tests I got this week and I almost couldn't take my eyes of the screen, even tho it's french (a language that it's classy and fancy but I don't really appreciate that much) it's so amazing, I'm completely in love. I recommend this so much.