Dirty Computer

Dirty Computer ★★★★

Even though the concept here isn’t entirely novel, and the music-videos-as-memories conceit lacks a certain cohesiveness in order to make this film truly stand on its own, the whole vibe of this “emotion picture” is so uniquely Janelle’s that I was still mesmerized by it all. Every song, every lyric, every choreographic choice, every colour and costume is a different personal statement that reveals a new facet of her incandescent soul, and it streams out to us in such gloriously Afrofuturistic waves. She puts the violence and disintegration of black minds and bodies by white hands on blast, rips open a new fabric of hope and renewal, and walks out into the light declaring her blackness, her queerness, and her her call-to-lifeness as her own source of beauty and truth. She has, to put it in so many words, come into herself and come out to the planet with the confidence and clarity we all deserve to have.

As if you can’t tell already, I cannot wait to listen to the album.