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  • Ghoulies



    The film is uneven and rarely makes as much sense as it wants to, but Ghoulies is also a film that is so much fun and so silly in its 80s elements that it's hard not to love on some kind of B-movie level. The effects are solid, the jokes are eye-rolling hilarious, and the cult material is classically outrageous. Fans of the style will enjoy it for sure.

  • Phoenix Forgotten

    Phoenix Forgotten


    When the film starts, a found footage investigation by a young woman about her brother's disappearance some 20 years prior after seeing some lights in the sky around Phoenix, it hits a weird nostalgia note for me. It feels like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries without the Robert Stack voice over. And I was weirdly enjoying that. However, the film takes much too long in establishing the details of the film only to have it feel like it forgot its…

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Fincher, you mad genius bastard! Only he could take a film like this and make into a riveting, roller coaster emotional thriller that has even the most intelligent of movie goer leaning whatever which way he wants them to go. It's intoxicating in its subtlety, brimming with impressive performances, and challenging in its delivery. Bravo, good sir.

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    Since Pixar decided to completely abandon creativity with their last two films, I was skeptical about Inside Out. However, this is easily one of my favorites that the studio has released and one of their most ambitious, unique, and creative films of their highly regarded catalog. It's both outrageously fun and horrendously sad (a key component to the theme of the film). I'm glad to see the studio producing films like this again. It comes highly recommended.