The Inspector Wears Skirts ★★½

If it weren't for some incredible stunts and occasionally strong action sequences (the opening and closing for certain), than The Inspector Wears Skirts would be a complete waste of time. It tries to work in a comedic action routine along the lines of Police Academy, but it doesn't really work and the weird romantic rivalry subplots burden the film as a whole over and over again. They don't even introduce the story and villains for our heroines to go against until an hour and ten minutes into an hour and a half movie - and that's a huge problem. Fortunately, when it wants to kick ass it does and it occasionally has moments of humor that work, but it's not enough to really kick it to the upper echelon of the HK action flicks of the era. As is, it's mostly for fans of the action comedy of this time period and even then it might be a stretch. Occasionally fun, but hardly good.