• Come Play

    Come Play


    Quite frankly, Come Play is a Babadook'd version of Lights Out. Still, it's effective thanks to a strong sense of purpose and style by its director and its simple concept is played out in a way that hits a lot of heart on its way through the horror. Not the best of the year, but it's a solid little flick that will definitely have a nice little cult following.

  • May the Devil Take You Too

    May the Devil Take You Too


    Oh, yes. I liked this movie - A LOT.

    Full review: www.bloodbrothersfilms.com/2020/10/may-devil-take-you-too-2020.html

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    Better than the original, simply because Borat 2 has a lot more actual plot and character development. The addition of his daughter is a welcome change of pace, particularly because they refuse to lean into the stupid trope of "What if Borat, but a girl!" and make her a real character.

  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan


    Rewatch in preparation for Borat 2 this evening.

  • May the Devil Take You

    May the Devil Take You


    Such a wild fuckin' ride. Can't wait for tomorrow and the sequel to come out.

  • Tales from the Hood 3

    Tales from the Hood 3


    The most perplexing part about this latest entry into this series is how it lacks that quirkiness and colorful visual punch that the other two carried in spades.

    FULL REVIEW: www.bloodbrothersfilms.com/2020/10/tales-from-hood-3-2020.html

  • Fearless Hyena

    Fearless Hyena


    The last fight is so goddamn good, it might make up for all of the patchy humor in the rest of the film.

  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair


    The brilliance behind horror, in general, is that it’s one of those genres in cinema that works best when it’s working on two levels – the surface and the meaning. When horror is at its best, the two levels work on separate planes, but intertwine to create something fresh feeling and potent to those wanting to experience a layered watch. Bad Hair is exactly that. On the surface, the film earns it’s giggles and creeps with its story of a…

  • Hack-O-Lantern



    Unintentionally funny, but this is a rough watch at times. Best watched with Joe Bob Briggs for sure.

  • Dark Stories

    Dark Stories


    Totally a fun little horror anthology that homages the great humor/horror of the 80s. Mostly a tongue in cheek effort, but the creative element to it works its magic even if the scares don't necessarily pop.

  • Haunt



    This film still fuckin' rules.

  • The Buddha Assassinator

    The Buddha Assassinator


    I wanted to love this one more, but it's relatively uninspired plot and character work feels more like it's going through the motions than anything. The film gets stronger as it goes, which is a blessing to keep one's attention, but it's overall not the watch I expected. Perhaps another viewing with proper expectations would help.