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  • Overlord



    A clovermonster from ancient times was slain on the ground over which the church was built. The corpse decomposed into the ground and gave it special, mysterious properties. The base elements of the mad scientist’s serum are the same as the base elements of Slusho. #cloververse

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    “We can tell ‘em all to go to hell.”

    “Did I mention that I am the preeminent Pruit scholar in the U.S.?”

    “You do what you love, and fuck the rest.”

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  • World of Tomorrow

    World of Tomorrow


    "We only appreciate the present when it has become the past."

    David behind the glass, motionless, thoughtless, lifeless. The universe in abstract, lines, dots, circles, crumbling to ethereal bits. The memories of the dead floating here and there untethered, lost, searching for a home.

    The present and the future colliding.

    All these images will be stuck inside my first generation brain for a long, long time.

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    'Rogue One' is the Star Wars movie I was expecting to get for years, but didn't quite get with 'The Force Awakens': an aesthetically gritty, thematically compelling and visceral throwback that has its visual routes planted just as much in the Star Wars video games as in the original film trilogy. This is a Star Wars for 2016, with excellent CGI, rampant, tragic character deaths and a smooth, somewhat faded color palette that evokes a lived-in, authentic vibe. 'The Force…