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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    It’s good! A lil’ cheesy but good!! That’s all I got!

  • This Boy Suffers from Crystallization

    This Boy Suffers from Crystallization


    I wish I could rate this higher but it's kind of problematic on its face because of the inherent pedophilic connotations/power imbalance with this student/teacher relationship. It tries to cancel it out by not having them romantically involved until the kid is graduated but it's still questionable.

    WHICH IS REALLY TOO BAD because the rest of it is nice! Really lovely backgrounds, very human, relatable content about anxiety, an interesting take on proverbially turning your heart to stone to avoid…

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  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day


    Love this movie. Would probably be rating it 5/5 if it was easier to like Bill Murray/his character. Yes, yes, I know the fact that he's a nasty person at the beginning that undergoes serious character development is the point, but WHEW. It's hard to come back from some of that stuff.

    Still, I laughed, I cried. Such a classic.

  • Sea Prince and the Fire Child

    Sea Prince and the Fire Child


    I wish I could say "I probably would've enjoyed this if I was younger" but there are just enough sexual and emotionally upsetting themes thrown in that that probably wouldn't have been the case. The pretty animation and designs can't really make up for how unlikable the cast is or the paper-thin quality of the plot.