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  • Bee Movie

    Bee Movie


    films that i haven't watched:
    - seven samurai
    - harakiri
    - high and low
    - come and see
    - the good the bad and the ugly
    - passion of joan of arc
    - a brighter summer day

    films that i have watched over five times now:
    - bee movie

  • À Flor do Mar

    À Flor do Mar


    'i don't want to remember you, all my days are memories of ghosts.'

    possibly the most beautiful film of all time (and also has one of the most beautiful posters). numerous scenes stick like glue in my mind: the long shots of the boat sailing, the discovery of robert, the story of a friend of robert's named robert, asking for where to find a copy of the divine comedy, robert talking to the children about his boat. it's a film…

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    i don’t know about you but, why aren’t more people talking about the final scene, it’s the best part by far. leatherface carving through the sky, swinging his chainsaw frantically and erratically. the rising sun hitting the camera, bringing a new, radiant layer of oranges and yellows to the dark browns and blacks. it brings an apex to the film’s chronic and painful nihilism and nature of pure melancholy. it’s the closest a scene can come to absolute perfection. and it’s beautiful.

  • How Green Was My Valley

    How Green Was My Valley


    'strange that the mind will forget so much of what only this moment has passed, and yet hold clear and bright the memory of what happened years ago; of men and women long since dead.’

    hits just as hard as my first watch some year ago. john ford perfectly manages to create the feeling of warmth and innocence in such a dark, pain filled world. a story that works when created by the memories of an adult on his past,…