Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

It's no coincidence that my favorite entry in the new Monsterverse so far is also the most fun. There is no shortage of serious themes here, but Kong: Skull Island is also willing to acknowledge the absurdity of it all in a way that is mostly absent from the two Godzilla entries that precede and follow it.

One weird bit: when the group first encounters the camoflauged native guards, one of them is also played by Brie Larson, which seems icky? Not sure what the director was trying to say with that, other than "It wouldn't be a Kong movie without white people painted to look like Islanders." Which like, the giant octopus fight was homage enough, Jordan.

Overall, the creatures are cool and the action looks good. I like Kong. It's too bad Godzilla is going to wipe the floor with him next month. 😝


P.S. - I usually try to avoid this type of clickbait speculation, but: Young Marlow and Marlow's son are played by the same actor. It would make sense that the kid would also grow up to look just like John C Reilly. So the door is open for his return to the series as the son/grandson of his Skull Island character and I wouldn't be mad about it.

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