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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    A kaleidoscopic whirlwind of love, life, and longing amongst an urban environment teeming with vibrancy. Chungking Express is a mood piece filled with yearning and overflowing scenes all about feeling rather than thinking. Of all the films I've seen over the last twelve months, I'm struggling to think of one which has affected me more than Chungking Express. I think about it all the time. I listen to the soundtrack when I write. It has inspired me, in both my…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is it. The greatest American movie since blockbusters became a thing. A film so clearly made within the limited scope of commercial Hollywood filmmaking - popular source material, A-list lead, large effects budget - but so unequivocally artistic and profound. It only gets better with each viewing, growing in textual richness and philosophical depth. 

    Ridley Scott's vision in Blade Runner is absolutely unparalleled, showing a technical proficiency few have ever acquired. The lighting, the sets, the props: so dynamic,…

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  • Spontaneous Combustion

    Spontaneous Combustion


    Hooptober #10

    There's a nice premise at the heart of Spontaneous Combustion and the opening scenes show much promise. We see in these scenes the fear of nuclear weapons and their unknown dangers, and implications of how they will impact the American psyche and history. A propaganda press reel shows this to be a world of lies and the setup of a "nuclear" family is unsubtly established. It's not the most complex of metaphors but at least it's something.


  • Christine



    Hooptober #9

    I didn't know what to expect with Christine, but I absolutely adored it, especially in the first act. The opening school-set scenes capture a lot of teenage life in a way that feels real despite their obvious exaggerations. It certainly captures the angst of horny teenage boys and I love the banter between the nerdy lead and the cool kid who sticks with him. Their banter can be harsh but it's spot on to the symbiotic relationship that…

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  • Deep Red

    Deep Red


    Hooptober #6

    A single eye in the pitch black darkness. A squeaking blackboard in a deserted classroom. Blood dripping over a reflection of death. Deep Red is filled with images to make you go mad; beautiful, horrific images spread across the slowly told story. Beneath the bright red blood, leather gloves, black eyeliner, hanging dolls, Deep Red plays a tense game. There's constantly rising music, and a song that brings out insanity, and all the while we never know when…

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    I'm a huge history nut, with particular interest in modern and political history. So I'm quite knowledgeable on Winston Churchill (or at least, I've read a full biography on him) and have a few thoughts on him. My close friends who I've discussed history and/or politics with (usually drunkenly) have experienced what I'm going to dub "the Churchill conversation" which is where I basically argue that Winston Churchill is the most overrated person in history. To put my argument succinctly:…