Alexandria… Why?

Alexandria… Why? ★★★★

A time of war, what a time to grow up. Alexandria... Why? is a story of limited opportunities, a people occupied, and dreams of Hollywood. Set in Egypt during World War Two, Alexandria... Why? is about a young man who wants to be an actor but is confined by circumstance. Edits mix in historical footage, making the war an integral part of everyday life. Children on stage act out the war and its adult world. School life itself becomes a war, school elections a fight for democracy. This is also a film of British laziness, incompetence, and evil; bastard colonisers that draw borders and ruin lives. Yet Alexandria... Why? is alive amidst it all. It is passionately made, with uplifting music attached to death and destruction. It's about dancing when there's nobody left to watch you. The ending may be uncertain, but a new journey begins.