Another Country ★★★★

The English public school is the perfect place to set a drama about oppressed love and the worst manifestations of the British class system. The fight against oppression within the school matches the broader fight across society, and the ample discussion of communist ideals makes this quite an obvious metaphor. Still, it's a powerful technique. This is about how people perpetuate a system they all know is horrible. It's silly rules dictated by elitists, and it's slowly killing them. Within the historical context, this is a story of a decaying empire and the pathetic boys set to lead it. Another Country is also a gay love story, one of youthful desires forced into secret and punished. This is the failure and hypocrisy and facade of the British class system, it's all about appearing a certain way and accepting the arbitrary rules that have been set. Another Country is a portrait of love lost within a self-hating system and it's a good reminder of the problems we still have to deal with.