Blindspotting ★★★★

There's a cultural conflict in Blindspotting, with a society of gentrification and hipsterdom facing off against the idea of being genuine to the people of a community. In that sense, Blindspotting has a fiery social commentary. Yet it's also a stylish film, filled with kinetic edits and fast-flowing dialogue, as well as a strong comedic undertone. The storytelling is very clunky, but Blindspotting still manages to pull you in emotionally because of its commitment to exploring the world that creates its characters. In some ways, they live in constant fear - of the police, of guns, of having to eventually admit their own flaws. Blindspotting is also about friendship, and people struggling to find who they are. People have to learn that sometimes their friends are bad people, and how to reconcile that with their friendship. There's no easy answers in Blindspotting, but it fuses high art and low art to create a rich community tapestry of fragile relationships and social ills.

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