Distant Voices, Still Lives

Distant Voices, Still Lives ★★★★½

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Picked by: Albie Hay, Frank Ritz, Holden Wright, ComicTwerk4Sans, and sciallacooper.

Distant Voices, Still Lives is without story, just heart, and music. It's a poem, a funeral backwards for a family and a place in time. It looks back at the years in the middle, between the war of the 40s and the cultural explosion of the 60s. Here we find the best of times and the worst of times. Tears at weddings, songs in pubs, coins for eyes, very British rain. Distant Voices, Still Lives is about life's ceremonies but it's also about life's endless memories. The old times weren't so good, and the film knows this. Pete Postlethwaite is exceptional as a bad man in a world of bad men. But beyond that refusal to be nostalgic for wrongs, Distant Voices, Still Lives finds reasons to remember this past and the British working class life of yesteryear. The heart of Britain is being sat in a pub, drinking a pint. Distant Voices, Still Lives is that in poetry. A child out in the cold, a breeze through a window, songs to keep us warm.

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