Frozen II ★★½

Frozen wasn't a great film but it had some real highlights. Frozen II is just a bit one-note and bland. The first one basically stood by itself, so this is a redundant epilogue and not a natural extension. There's also no song as memorable or as catchy as Let It Go. The bumbling attempts at marriage proposal were probably my favourite scenes here, and I found them quite amusing. By contrast, I still find Olaf very annoying.

Getting a bit more social, isn't it interesting how so many modern day stories feature superheroes? Elsa can't just be a fairy tale character, she has to be a super-powered action hero. Is this a part of our cultural decline into fantasy and away from realism? Do we now embrace individualism and supremacy over community and the brilliance of the ordinary person? Has any form of class solidarity been removed by now two generations of neoliberal artists?

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