Halloween ★★★★½

Hooptober #6

Halloween is certainly one of the biggest horror films that I've never seen before, and of course its legacy and stature precedes it. Thankfully, it didn't disappoint. There's a really tight construction to Halloween, with its slow-burning, uncomplicated structure making it easy to follow and efficiently made. The camerawork is lingering and creeping, upping the tension even when there isn't anything scary in view. Plus there's the music, which is superbly unnerving. The fact that so many little things make no sense in Halloween also add to the scares. Having said that though, Halloween did not particularly frighten me even if a sense of foreboding terror permeates the picture. Only the final fifteen to twenty minutes really made me nervous. Overall, Halloween is a  supremely well made movie that I admired a lot, even if it wasn't as scary nor as thought-provoking as my favourite 70s American horror films.

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